Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Personal Rant : I Am Just Sick Of Computer Updates. Why Can’t They Give Us Systems That Just Work?

We have just had another one of those wonderful updates from Windows - this time with about 20 different flaws to be fixed on my Win 7 based (64bit) PC. (I am not going to be blogging from a tablet any time soon so a PC is really the only option (glass keyboards I no like!)

The time taken to download, install and re-boot was a good 10 minutes as Windows, the .net framework and so on got their fix. At the same time my laptop(s) needed their fix - and we had Adobe Flash wanting an update as well as Firefox also feeling the need for a refresh!

This is to say nothing of all the other things that pop up from time to time and demand attention.

If there are 1.25 billion Windows Users (See here: ) and each has a monthly 10 minute productivity break we are talking an actual measurable hit to global productivity of say 2.5 billion hours of wasted time!

Surely there can be a better way found to develop and protect software that does not wind up with me, at least, having a monthly yell at MS and their associates.

Parenthetically I hear the just released Windows 8 is already in need of some fixes as well!

I am fed up. Solutions welcome!

Rant off!