Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well - As Predicted - We Now Have A NEHRS Registration Fudge. Aggressively User Hostile Does Not Really Cover It!

You can go here to read all about it. (It appeared about 6pm +/-)
Here is the page.


You can now register now for a personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record.
To register, you can phone 1800 723 471 or visit your nearest Medicare shopfront.
You can also apply for an eHealth record in writing, and an application form is provided below. Send the completed form and all supporting documentation to:
Personally Controlled eHealth Record Program
GPO Box 9942
In your capital city
...or drop your form into your local Department of Human Services service centre offering Medicare services.

eHealth Registration Booklet

Please make sure you have read this booklet before registering for your eHealth record.
This booklet is available to help you understand the eHealth record registration process. It contains important information and explains the terms used, your eHealth privacy safeguards, details about how your information is handled, and where and how you can apply for an eHealth record.

eHealth forms

Register a new eHealth record for yourself and/or a person you are authorised to represent (i.e. your dependant).
----- End Page.
This really is just rubbish - it will guarantee no one will register and has utterly turned a bad idea into a just absurd one.
Explanatory glossy is all of 20 pages - and the form to apply - which would make the Tax Office proud - is all of 12 pages! It even looks like a Tax form!
So much for opt-in. Can you really believe anyone will bother?
Just download the forms and see how motivated you might be!
Guess what? - there is still no on-line registration! So they are actually porky central sadly. They promise and they just don't deliver. Where are the sanctions etc. for not meeting targets?
And remember there is still no substantial content behind the system once you register.
Almost a billion dollars - at least - for a 20 page explanatory document and a 12 page registration form.
This remains an incompetently managed fraud on all of us.