Saturday, July 14, 2012

It Seems The PCEHR Is Not Handling Things All That Well. I Just Had Another Look And Found It Was Not Working Properly.

Since it was a week since I had signed up - I thought - time to have another look and see if anything has changed. (About 1.00pm AEST)
Well it has and not in a good way.
When I had a look at my Personal Summary all seemed well. Self-entered data present and correct. All good so far.
Then I decided to click on Medicare Services Overview.
The last time I tried this - I was given a list of the four data categories (PBS Information, Medicare Claims etc.) and told that there was no information yet available on each.
This time I got the little ‘whirling starburst’ which then kept going and going. After an age (30+ seconds at least I got the following:
Error Details
An error has occurred processing your request.
Well it seems that something is being tweaked, changed or whatever - but the error message is hardly useful! No idea about if the error was known about, was being fixed and when things might be fixed.
At least the system didn’t totally crash! Not a good look for all this money.
Will try again next week and report back.
Addendum - Checked at 6.35pm. No change so bug fixing seems to be on Public Service hours.