Monday, July 2, 2012

It Seems The NEHTA Sponsored Blogger Has Been Told How To Apply On-line For A NEHRS / PCEHR When The Public Is In The Dark.

Go here to play with all the tricks. Multiple sites - have bills to hand and so on!

Pity the transparency is as one might expect. Zilch!

I look forward to hearing how people go! 

As I said 'Aggressively (Normal) User Hostile!

If true, I guess all this does show they have access to the various Medicare databases - if nothing else - and that at least a basic system is possibly in existence. Obviously the criticism stirred them along!

Maybe a visit to his site or two will cheer him up.


Tuesday 1:30 pm update - the access window to the PCEHR System has apparently been closed. Looks like someone goofed big time!