Monday, January 21, 2013

Is This An Accident Of Timing Or Something More Sinister? Reporting Of The NEHRS / PCEHR Seems To Have Vanished.

Since coming back from the break I have noticed public interest in pretty much all matters e-Health seems to have evaporated. At the time of writing (22/01/2012) has not been updated in almost 6 months - so clearly the blogger had no actual interest in e-Health other than attacking me (and a few others especially from the Australian) and getting paid. When the money ran out apparently so did his interest. has not apparently been updated since before Christmas and the only contact has been a summary email on last year’s efforts

Pulse+IT ( continues to be busy watching the ePIP site and letting us know when some vendor or others claims compliance as well as other matters ePIP. Not much other than that recently.

Other than this there seems to be a dearth of information and very little strategic commentary indeed.

It seems to me the lack of information - and even the one or two articles in Australian Doctor and Medical Observer are not really enough given the amount spent and the ongoing amount that may be spent. At least ZDNet had a couple or reports last week and used fillers from the US to keep us alert!

I would have expected a flurry of reporting alerting all those involved to the looming ePIP deadlines etc. but it is just not happening as yet.

Theories and comments welcome. Maybe it is just a typical January but it does seem much quieter than the last few years.

Interestingly, today I got my new Medicare card and there was a small flyer on e-Health included suggesting just how good it might be to register. It will take a long time for the news to get out at the rate of turnover of these cards (about 4-5 years).

I really hope we start to see more serious reporting from the media majors and the specialist medical press going forward.