Monday, February 11, 2013

AusHealthIT Poll Number 154 – Results – 12th February, 2013.

The question was:

If NEHRS / PCEHR Were to be Extended, What Functions Would You See as Top Priority for Next Inclusion?

Imaging, perhaps based on DICOM 6% (2)
Pathology content, based on HL7v2 12% (4)
Pathology content, based on HL7v3 9% (3)
Pathology Ordering For Clinicians 3% (1)
Ability for consumers to load medical history (for example, where they've changed doctors and have the paper files or electronic copy) 12% (4)
Enhanced Medication Management Capabilities 33% (11)
User Interaction With NEHRS For Appointment Making, Repeat Requests, Doctor E-Mail etc. 18% (6)
Other (Explain Via Comment At Last Poll Result Please) 6% (2)
Total votes: 33
Very interesting. Looks like medication management and user-interactivity are the hot items.
Again, many thanks to those that voted!