Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Now This Is Getting Really Silly. I Think Someone Is Rather Out Of Their Depth.

This appeared yesterday.

Guy Sebastian caught out by stalled patent probe

SINGER Guy Sebastian has weighed in on allegations of patent infringement by the Gillard government's National E-Health Transition Authority.
MMRGlobal, the US firm investigating NEHTA for alleged patent infringements, was in talks with Sebastian's management team to fund his planned charitable foundation.
However, discussions have hit a roadblock pending the outcome of the probe, which has been delayed by NEHTA's silence.
"As a recording artist I understand the importance of being able to protect my intellectual property from being pirated around the world," Sebastian said.
In reference to the number of patents under MMR's belt, he added: "What kind of example do we set when our own government ignores intellectual property, including a company's patents already on file in 13 other countries?"
Early last month,, a subsidiary of MMRGlobal, claimed that "both state and federal governments in Australia, through NEHTA, appear to be infringing on patents and other intellectual property issued to".
As reported on March 5 in The Australian, MMR's investigation into the matter has been stymied by NEHTA's lack of follow-up communication.
Lots more here:
To me the issue here is that none of these claims have been tested in any Australian tribunal or court and until they are frankly no one is really sure just what rights - if any - the two Australian Patents claimed by MMRGlobal.
Claiming IP ownership on a broad concept such as the Personal Health Record it very different to claiming IP ownership on an original song I believe.
I think intervention in this case by a popular entertainer is really rather sad and ill-informed.
However I do also think that the Government, DoHA and NEHTA need to promptly address these claims. Just letting it all drift on with no public comment seems to indicate they are concerned about these claims. I hope that is not true and believe that our concerns should be promptly and officially allayed.