Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Why Would You Actually Want Something Like This? I Really Can’t Figure It Out.

This slide is being used by NEHTA in some of their more recent presentations.
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The PCEHR system

is: opt in
is not: compulsory

is: an enhancement to medical treatment
is not: a requirement for medical treatment

is: a source of selected clinical data and documents
is not: a substitute for normal clinical records

is: a source of information to assist enquiry
is not: a replacement for normal sharing of information between an individual and their healthcare provider

is: aligned with current privacy obligations
is not: immune to current sharing and reporting rights and obligations of providers

is: a distributed system of service providers working together
is not: a single government store of personal information

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What on earth is going on here? We are paying ½ a billion dollars for a system which does not actually assist providers as far as anyone knows, is incomplete, no one has to use and so it goes on.
Why is it there has never been a public cost/benefit assessment of the NEHRS proposal?
Why is it that it is so badly designed and implemented that most member of the caring professions don’t want to go anywhere near it without ‘danger money’?
These people really are off on a frolic at our expense.