Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Polls Are Really Looking Bad For the NEHRS. Rethink Needed!

When releasing their guide to use of the NEHRS (PCEHR) the AMA also released a supporting on-line survey which had over 190 responses.

Survey of AMA Members on PCEHR

The AMA conducted a survey of its members in January 2012 to ensure that the draft Guide to Using PCEHR is as useful and relevant to practising medical practitioners as possible. Responses were used to prioritise and inform the guidance given in the document.
The full report of the survey is available here.
This page is found here:
A direct link to the report is here:
On the same page there is a survey on whether a special fee is needed
Here are the results I saw

Should the AMA develop its own schedule of fees to support the PCEHR?

82% (262 votes)
18% (56 votes)
(As at 3:30 April 8, 2012)
There was also a poll taken on Australian Doctor.
It is currently on the front page here:

Australian Doctor Poll

Will you be taking part in the Federal Government's national e-health records scheme?

I will be opting into the scheme and will actively encourage all my patients to establish e-health records.  11.44%  (43 votes)  
If a patient asks me to set up an e-health record then I will, but I will not be promoting their use.  16.49%  (62 votes)  
I will not be taking part in the e-health record scheme until GPs receive a specific MBS rebate for the work involved.  45.21%  (170 votes)  
I will not be taking part in the e-health record scheme no matter how much GPs are paid.  26.86%  (101 votes)  
Total Votes: 376 (4pm April 8, 2012)
----- End Results.
The most interesting findings are the rejection of the whole thing without proper arrangements of remuneration (as seen by the doctors) and the level of readiness from the AMA survey which was less than 10%.
All this confirms the comments on the topic from clinicians seen on both the Medical Observer and Australian doctor sites. There is not much good being said I have to say.
As I have said often major rethink required.