Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking News - The Opposition Is Supporting the NEHRS Legislation. So Apparently A Done Deal.

In the Senate in the last hour we have had the Opposition provide a very long list of problems with the program (over about 15 minutes) and then go on to say - with some minor amendments - they are backing what they agree is rather poor and incomplete legislation.
I give up frankly having any hope in our democracy when this is the way things happen.
In the meantime the Greens are apparently thrilled with things and want it to rush ahead.
Separately I am now hearing from inside sources the following request.
“Can you please ask why the Minister and staff are not providing clarification to anyone - even the implementation team - about what the actual roll out timeline for the PCEHR is, with only 2 weeks to go. They've floated some speculative reports in the media, but no one actually knows anything solid.”
So we have the teams doing the work in the dark and the Senate off on a frolic not knowing what it does not know!
When there is the Hansard on what was said I will make sure it is available
This is really pretty sad.