Monday, June 25, 2012

It Has Taken Me Many Reads To Figure Out Just What A Fiasco This News Conveys. It Is Just Amazing.

The following appeared today.

Leading e-health sites to undergo $52m record transition

THE Gillard government will spend $52 million transitioning work done at three lead sites to the new personally controlled e-health record system over the next six months.
Three former GP divisions (now rebadged as Medicare Locals) -- in Brisbane North, Hunter Valley, NSW and in Melbourne East -- each received $5 million in mid-2010 to implement software supporting the PCEHR system and to trial the use of records by doctors and patients.
A Health Department spokeswoman said the National E-Health Transition Authority had been given $51.8m in order to "support transition of the lead e-health sites to the PCEHR infrastructure over the next six months".
"This transition is occurring progressively until December," she said.
A further $33.4m had been paid to NEHTA as the commonwealth's half-share of the body's COAG-funded work program for the next financial year, the spokeswoman said.
The rest of the article can be read here:
What on earth is going on here?
Why were the lead sites not built to the specifications required to fit the PCEHR Infrastructure first off?
What on earth went wrong with the overall project co-ordination and planning?
Why do the sites now seem to need the three times the original allocation over just six months - when they have been doing all this for the last 18 months or so?
When did they suddenly figure out it was all falling in an utter heap?
What about all the other Wave II sites - how much extra are they going to cost? Even if they are covered in this sum it is still an awesome cost overrun. (Wave 1 was initially allocated $12.5M and the 9 Wave 2 Sites received $55M as I recall)
All I can say this whole thing is a runaway train-wreck.
The Australian also has a lot more - given the PCEHR Start-up next week.
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Amazing stuff you could not make up. A bit like the Greek PM and Finance Minister not turning up for the Eurozone Summit at the end of the week because they are in hospital. I wonder why? Someone must have shown them the books!