Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Seems I Am The Bug Finder In Chief for the NEHRS. I Just Don’t Believe What A Mess This Is!

Tried the routine look up of my PCEHR at 11:49am on Sunday 9 Sep. 2012.
Logged in OK and got to the screen where you click to actually see the record.


Here was the link:
(Pleasingly the link no longer works - Error 404)
Rather than going to my record I got this (In the corner of a white screen.):

Unknown Relationship

The relationship to the eHealth Record could not be resolved.
If you continue to have problems please contact the Helpline on 1800 723 471 for further assistance.
Here was the link.

This also does not work: The Oracle Access Manager (V 11g) says:


System error. Please re-try your action. If you continue to get this error, please contact the Administrator.

I went back and tried my Personal Details this worked

Your Personal Details

Information in this view is based on Medicare information held by the Department of Human Services (DHS). To update this information, please contact DHS on 132 011.
Note: Your healthcare professionals will be able to see your personal details except your address.
First Name: xxx
Last Name: xxx
Individual Health Identifier (IHI) Card Number: xxx
Date of Birth: xxx
Age: xxx
Sex: xxx
Address: xxx
But when I came back from this then asking to go the NEHRS just does nothing at all. The system just sat there and did nothing. System broken again!
What to say other than to let people know this project is being run by a collection of incompetent nincompoops. Surely using the users to test a system that seems to be fatally flawed is just not good enough for a billion dollar system.
Walks off shaking head in despair.


Tried again at 2:43pm. Guess what.


Notification of planned outage

The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System is currently unavailable.


This is found here:

Clearly an unplanned outage - has suddenly become 'planned' with no end time specified. I hope I didn't cause it. And if you believe the outage was planned you are a strong believer in flying piglets!

Some has suggested that the NEHRS has specific behaviours when I log on. I am beginning to suspect that may be true! <big grin>

Surely the time has come for an adult to be put in charge of this mess, take it off line and fix it before starting again after proper testing?


Update 2: 5:31 pm Sep. 9, 2012

System seems to be back and very interestingly my medications are now updated to June 30, 2012. - only 2.4 months behind. More interesting is that a medication for my wife that was on a different script has now gone from the update - having been placed in my record in the earlier records.

This is just astonishing inaccuracy and rubbish.

They need to start from scratch and sort all this out!

We all know the system just crashed - so why just not resign and have adults fix the mess up?