Monday, September 10, 2012

We Are Surrounded By Fools And Idiots! The NEHRS Lacks A Print Function!

Just decided to check out my NEHRS record a little while ago to make sure nothing had mysteriously changed. It hadn't and it seemed to work as intended - which is good.

But..given there are virtually no doctors enrolled at present what can I do to take what I have along to my doctor?

The NEHRS System has NO Print function. Just why can't you print out a summary of the information held for information for your doctor, nurse or whoever - or nicely formatted single pages?

Yes - I do understand you need to time/date stamp and then identify the source. My bank has done that for a decade! An yes I do know I can do screen dumps and use my browser to print out what I see.

These people have never talked to an intelligent user as far as I can tell!

Talk about a functionality oversight!

Nitwits and nincompoops.


Addition 10am 11/09/2012.

I have just been pointed to the print function - page at a time - that is in the far right upper corner of each page. It works but does not provide a neat printed summary of the whole record. So it is 1/2 way there.

Surprised I missed it - but I did. Sorry.

Of course the system still crashes too often and is still largely an information free zone while taking ages to access!