Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Must Be Doing Someting Right!

From Senate Estimates the night before last....

"Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS:  Could I just give you a copy of this article. It is 'Experts brand e-health  audit trail as "gobbledygook"'. Did you see that article?
Mr Fleming:  I am aware of it from a little while ago.
Ms Halton:  This is the infamous David More, the well-known blogger. 'E-health consultant and medico Dr David More', otherwise known as the well-known blogger.
Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS:  You have not actually heard what my question was going to be.
Ms Halton:  No. I have not seen before.
Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS:  It is about the audit trail. Are you questioning Dr More just because he is a serial blogger?
Ms Halton:  I was just reading the second paragraph, so I know can what this is about.
Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS:  Are you saying his comments should be dismissed?
Ms Halton:  I have not even got to the next part of the comment.
Senator FIERRAVANTI-WELLS:  I will let you read it. That would be good.
Ms Halton:  We might let the chief information and knowledge officer start talking while I read."

Seems someone is reading. Further coverage on things that matter in all this next week.

Not sure how you can blog without doing it "serially"?