Monday, October 29, 2012

There Is Governance Management Chaos Loose With The NEHRS. What A Nonsensical Fiasco.

The following amazing diagram crossed my path the other day and I felt an urgent need to share.

This diagram is described as the PCEHR Governance Context and really makes alphabet soup sound like an understatement.

Click To Enlarge

The issue with all this is that it virtually guarantees decision making paralysis. Additionally it guarantees that absolutely no-one will ever be held accountable or responsible for anything.

There is a prize being offered - an opportunity to post a guest blog - for the person who can correctly say what each of these acronyms stand for. Many of them are clearly secret as no one seems to have heard of them except the members!

Imagine the hours that could be happily wasted and the frequent flyer points that could be accumulated attending all these!

Wanders off holding sore head in hands. What utter nonsense!

Last - while I have your attention - I hear rumours of all sorts of things happening at NEHTA. Stay tuned as they say.