Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NEHTA Looks To Be Suffering A Major Funding Cut From June 30, 2012. Duck and Cover!

We had the 2012/13 Victorian Budget announced today.
NEHTA got a mention I am told.
On the latest figures Victoria has the following proportion of the Australian Population.
Population breakdown of Australia is 5 640.9 (Victoria) of 22960.0 (Total OZ) Individuals X 1000 - This means the ratio .245 of the national population (Source ABS 29/03/2012).
See here:
Here is the mention and quote.
The Victorian Government plans to spend $16.6M over 2 years on NEHTA.
“$16.6 million over 2 years to enable the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) to the development and maintenance of national e-health foundations” - From Victorian Budget Papers today. (Source VHA Members Bulletin)
This implies an annual contribution of $8.8M.
This means a proportional total Jurisdictional Contribution of $35.918M
Add the Commonwealth 50% and we arrive at say $72M per annum.
Here are the totals for the last 2 years - Source Annual Reports:
Member provided revenue (which I believe is separate from the special funding for PCEHR delivery etc. - but how can you be sure?):
 2011 $122,392,640 (- $50M from this level.)
 2010 $95,635,311 (- $23M from this level.)
Looks like the contractors and temporary staff will be out on the streets with this level of cut.
Seems like (at say even $200,000 per head)  between 100 and 200 staff out the door.
Maybe the PR Department could become a single secretary, we could do without paid spruikers and the CEO could look at a pay cut since there will be a smaller organisation to run?
The implications for the Federal Budget and the NEHRS (PCEHR) are obvious. Slow down to stop mode will most likely be in place.
Please note: I am really sorry for the high quality and dedicated people who may be affected by the rather nasty cut if I am right. They deserved much better management to deliver much more skilfully so their future was much more secure.