Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now Here Is Some Research NEHTA Should Be Participating In, Or Maybe Even Conducting in Oz. Might Be Very Useful.

This came across my radar today.

ECRI to take 'deep dive' into potential for health IT errors

By Bernie Monegain, Editor
Created 08/09/2012
PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – To assist the healthcare community in learning about potential patient safety issues, ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is currently conducting what it calls a “Deep Dive” analysis on HIT issues. The effort aims to help healthcare providers learn from HIT adverse events and help prevent similar errors, according to ECRI officials.
The goal of the program is to gather information about errors with electronic medical records (EMRs), and within other areas where technology and human factors intersect.
ECRI officials note that with ongoing efforts to improve healthcare, both the public and private sectors have invested heavily -- and will increasingly invest -- in health information technologies. When designed and used appropriately, HIT is expected to substantially improve the quality of patient care, performance of health professionals, reduce operational and administrative costs, and enhance patient safety. However, the use of new technologies often introduces new safety risks and with the tremendous incentive and pressure to implement EMR systems, there have been an increasing number of technology errors.
ECRI Institute PSO asked participating organizations to submit HIT-related events, including issues with electronic-medical records, lab systems, emergency department documentation systems, monitor interfaces, computerized physician order entry, smart pumps, bar coding and medication management systems.
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All one can say is what a great idea. I hope all those NEHTA Boffins are keeping a close eye on what is being done, how it is being done and what the outcomes are.
I will certainly be watching out for any reports etc.
We certainly do not know all we might about this complex area.